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Picture showing Chip Ejection Slot.

Euro Bit
Self Centering Drilling Tool


The Euro-Bit self-centering drilling tool is the only drilling tool to be specifically engineered to use carbide tipped brad point style bits of different sizes.

This allows the one bit holder to accommodate different sizes of bits for different operations, while producing clean holes in melamine or laminate covered materials.

A 5mm bit is used for shelf pins and drilling for system attachment screws, a ¼" bit is used for adjustable shelf pins and an adapter used with a 764" bit for #6 wood screws.

A specially designed tip provides for excellent chip ejection.

The Euro-Bit can be used with any 38" drill motor.


  • Barrel: Plated Steel
  • Shank: Plated Steel
  • Tip: Plated Steel
  • Adapter: Aluminum

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Catalog#: EB,  Suggested Retail Price: $39.95

5 x 70mm Rh Bit

1/4 x 70 Rh

7/64 x 40 Drill Bit Adapter

The "EURO BIT" bit holder requires one of the 3 accessories below.

Boring Bits with Carbide Tip-Brad Point

The Euro-Bit requires a boring bit with a 10mm*40mm long shank or an adapter* for a 764" twist drill bit.

Other bits will not work in the tool.

Catalog#: 5x70mm Rh,  Suggested Retail Price: $17.50
Catalog#: 1/4x70 Rh,  Suggested Retail Price: $17.80
Catalog#: 7/64x40mm Adapter*,  Suggested Retail Price: $8.75